How to Sign Up

First, click on the following link to open the volunteer form.  It’s the electronic version of the sign up sheets we have out at Back to School Bash.

volunteersign up

Second, our Volunteer Coordinators, Jen McElvany and Erica Rockabrand, will forward your name to the event or committee of your choice.

Next you will receive an email from the committee or event chair to coordinate volunteers!

You can look over some of the committees and events planned HERE.

***Note there is also a place for “other” if you don’t want to sign up for something specific but would like to help on the fly.  We can send a message day-of if we need copies or something picked up if plans fall through.  We’re always needing some flex volunteers and many of you offer, so here’s your way to get your name on that list!

If you don’t receive an email and think you are forgotten, don’t fear!  We’re here to help. Email Jen and Erica anytime with questions.  Sometimes there are unfortunate events, like my cat crawled over my keyboard or your email went to .co and not .com.  We hope not, but please don’t wait, just check in.

Email Volunteer Coordinators


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