School Cents Program

MATES is participating in the School Cents program at The Oaks Mall this year! You can help our school earn up to $2,500 by submitting your receipts from The Oaks Mall between September 1st and April 30th. MATES will be awarded 5 points per dollar spent, with bonus opportunities each month, toward the competition.

You can submit your receipts on the School Cents website here or by turning them in to the box located in the MATES front office.


How much money will our school get?

The top earning school will receive $2,500. Our school is guaranteed to receive at least $250 for participating in the program.

How do we earn points?

MATES can earn 5 points per dollar spent at The Oaks Mall. This includes restaurants, items purchased with gift cards, and even items ordered online and picked up at The Oaks Mall! All you need to do is submit your receipts here or drop them in the box at the MATES front office.

There are also bonus opportunities available each month, so check back to see what’s new!

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about the School Cents program by visiting the website here.

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