Winter Art Gallery

Winter Art Gallery 2018 will be on January 25th



I’d love to offer a HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents, teachers and staff for helping to make the Winter Art Gallery a success!!!  There are so many people who helped make it such a special night for the kids!

The first shout out goes to head seamstress Marie McLean and her group of sewing volunteers who made the table covers that we used to showcase the kids’ work – Mrs. Olshever, Ruth Shramek, Brenda Miller, Rachelle Llacar, Lisa Humphries, Jen McElvany and Mitzi Ward…and an extra special thank you goes to 3rd grader Lotus Ward who also participated, even bringing her own sewing machine to lend a hand!

Second, I’d like to thank the teachers for taking their time to work with the students on their incredible art projects and for their extra time creating the interactive QR codes and “extras” that always make this event so wonderful!  And to Mr. LaGuardia, thank you for helping with the music, lighting and interactive TV presentation – so great!!

Third, I’d like to thank our inspiring art teacher Ms. Dorgan for having the vision to take on the lantern project, for creating the fantastic video that explained the meaning behind the process and for lending her time to bring the idea to life all around the school!

Fourth, another HUGE thank you to Mike Fiss and Chris Haynes who helped with all of the signage, stringing, “muscle work” and technology…you’re both always so helpful!  And to Mia Teruya and Melissa Stillerman, thank you for always being there to capture our school events so beautifully – we’re so lucky to have you!

Fifth, thank you MCN and the administration for all your efforts in putting together this event – the kids’ pride is so exciting to see so THANK YOU for your continued support!

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to an unbelievable crew of helpers!!!  You guys made the process so easy, whether you lent your help mounting artwork for the teachers, pinning it onto the fabric, helping arrange refreshments, helping during the event or with clean-up, or just offering your assistance whenever/whereever needed, your help and time were SO APPRECIATED!!!  Thank you Amy Sharp, Andrea Lim, Stephanie McLean, Claudia Velasco, Jenifer Ludwick, Nicole Flynn, Jennie Grzesik, AJ Lieberman, Jenni Lavine, Lauren Johnson, Kim Thompson, Deanna Anderson, Sarah Detmer, Sara Houck, Susan Cunningham, Joey Tennison, Dana Wanzie, Rose Lockwood, Megan Hogg, Shalane Valladeres, Janet Truong, Jennifer Clothier, Gina Tiedje, Alicia Brightman, Kim Stafford, Jasmine Strom, Lisa Fink and Susan Varon!!!

Best Regards,

Kerri Graver


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