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February 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day!

This holiday is the perfect reminder of how a simple gesture, like helping a neighbor bring their groceries inside or leaving a larger-than-usual tip at your favorite restaurant, can have a major impact.
Try doing at least one random act of kindness this weekend.

“To mark today’s holiday, and to inspire you to fill the rest of the year with a regular kindness practice as well, here are 17 simple acts that can make a big difference.”

– Nice News
Shared by Laura Kiszczak (PLP) 💜💜
“PLP has participated in the 2023 Kindness Challenge. Their kindness keeps growing! They have practiced scenarios, shared experiences, and written about ways to be kind.”

Everyday is World Kindness Day!

Extending goodwill to others is beneficial to humanity’s holistic health.
Inspire individuals towards greater kindness.
Connect nations to create a kinder world.
“Kindness has been shown to:
Increase self-esteem, empathy, & compassion
Decrease anxiety & stress
Improve mood & relationship”
According to the MAYO CLINIC
It is our initiative to teach our kids and families to interact in positive ways and to be good citizens in our little world at MATES and beyond.
Reinforce that it is NOT OKAY TO THINK, SAY, OR DO ANYTHING HURTFUL – NOT EVEN ONCE! They will feel enormous PRIDE when they are KIND.
MCN Kindness Committee has been working with the MATES Core Values Committee to develop a layering of teachings and actions to share the common goal of having and showing the “Heart of an Eagle”.


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