Elected Board Members for 2020-2021

Megan Leark, Co-President  |  Email
Stacey Foster, Co-President  |  Email
Margie Moreno, Co-Programs Coordinator  |  Email
Amanda LeLouie, Co-Programs Coordinator | Email
Chelsea Goldenberg, Co-Fundraising Coordinator  |  Email
Gabby Shibel, Co-Fundraising Coordinator  |  Email
Alison Roelke, Co-Secretary  |  Email
Andrea Iranpour, Co-Secretary | Email
Lainie Donnell, Volunteer Coordinator  |  Email
Jamie Sheehan, Treasurer  | Email
Candice Santos, Financial Secretary  |  Email
Ruth Shramek, Auditor  |  Email
Tamara Summers, Parliamentarian  |  Email
Melanie Herrera, Co-Communications Coordinator |  Email
Nadia Hefni Foster, Co-Communications Coordinator |  Email
Janey Choplin, Technical Advisor | Email

We also have board members that represent different areas of school leadership.  We thank them for their service and support.
Brenda Olshever – Executive Director
Dr. Kristen Walker – Assistant Director
Kerri Graver – MATES Board of Directors Co-Liaison
Sarah Schwendimann – MATES Board of Directors Co-Liaison
Denise Bain – Staff Representative

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