Where Do My Donations Go?

MATES 2021 – 2022 Year in Review

Check out our wonderful 2021-22 Year in Review video!!! See how YOU all helped support our goals, and make MATES an even MORE amazing school than it already is!!!

What an amazing way to end the 2021-22 School Year!!! Our MCN gifted the school with over $140,000! Incredible! Thank you to all the donors, sponsors, and supporters!!

The MCN prioritizes using the donated funds to offer our students and families both educational and community building programs throughout the year. These take a big commitment from volunteers and are funded by your donations to make them happen!
The MCN also works with the administration and MATES Board of Directors throughout the year to identify needs of the school and wish list items that we can donate funds toward or purchase. We were able to raise enough money last year to do so much for the school!
This year, we are happy to share that these requests have come in, and we are excited to help our school in a variety of ways. We work closely with the school to ensure that your donated money is used for items and projects that are requested from the MATES Board of Directors, committees, and teachers. We value their planning and the goals they set for their programs and campus needs.


MATES 2020 – 2021 Year in Review

Please watch our video that shares all of our memory-making events and the variety of ways your donations have helped the students and our school for 2020-21!

We THANK YOU for supporting MATES and the MCN!

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