MCN Executive Board

Hello!  We are honored to be a part of the MCN Executive Board this year.  Please contact any of us if you have any questions or concerns.  Our board meets monthly to review financials, hear event updates from committees, hear reports from our liaison board members and plan where our school donations are allocated this year (based on the administration, teachers and the MATES Board of Directors’ committee wish lists).  Any MCN member may attend and observe the monthly board meeting.

We are here for you, our MATES community.

Elected Board Members

Ruth Shramek, Co-President  |  Email

Lainie Donnell, Co-President  |  Email

Claudia Alter, Co-Programs Chairperson  |  Email

Lisa Hillman, Co-Programs Chairperson  |  Email

Divo Denove, Co-Fundraising Chairperson  |  Email

Becky Leehey, Co-Fundraising Chairperson  |  Email

Alison Roelke, Secretary  |  Email

Jennifer McElvany, Co-Volunteer Coordinator  |  Email

Erica Rockabrand, Co-Volunteer Coordinator  |  Email

Mitzi Ward, Treasurer  | Email

Adam Gauthier, Financial Secretary  |  Email

Melanie Herrera, Auditor  |  Email

Keith Akiyama, Parliamentarian  |  Email

Nadia Hefni Foster, Co-Communications  |  Email

Brenda Miller, Co-Communications  |  Email

We also have board members that represent different areas of school leadership.  We thank them for their service and support.

Brenda Olshever and Kristen Walker – School Administration

Nicole Flynn and Marnee McLean- MATES Board of Directors representatives

Denise Bain – Teacher representative

MCN Organizational Chart 2017-18


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