New author assembly coming up with a former Meadows teacher, now author!

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Mr. LaGuardia gathered an amazing group of professional musicians to share the love of JAZZ with our students!

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Pictures from our Abilities Awareness Fair:


The MCN is excited to announce a new assembly this year to MATES!

The Ability Awareness Fair will be held during the day, October 11-13th, 2017

The purpose of the Fair is to promote understanding and empathy for people affected by disability.

Over the course of this 3 day event, each class will have an opportunity to visit 5 different stations:

  1. Communication Station
  2. Vision Station
  3. Fine Motor Station
  4. Reasoning Station
  5. Mobility Station

They can experience in real life what it feels like to have a disability in one of these five areas.

Some follow up questions for some good conversations after the assembly:

AA last (2).jpg

Email Gina Spivey our event chair, with any questions. ability

September 12th!  Cory Hills Percussive Storyteller

Percussive storyteller Cory Hills wowed the students with his musical art of storytelling today! Ask your students what they learned!

The teachers raved about it as well! One third grade teacher remarked, “I loved it! It is such a great way to story tell, teach the students about comprehension, and bring a story to life… it was amazing!” Assistant Executive Director Mrs. Walker added, “The assembly was so fantastic! Cory Hills was great. The teachers loved him, and are already thinking of ways to incorporate it into their classrooms. He was awesome!”

Cory Hills (1)

If you would like to order the book or CD for $10, please download the following form and return to the MATES office by Monday, Sept. 18th.

Book/CD Order Form

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