We need you! Calling all volunteers.

BENEFIT DINNER AND AUCTION – To have a most memorable and successful event, we need your help! | You may contact Gabby Shibel or Arezou Zaidi | Email directly.

Download Donation Request Letter

ART@LUNCH – Does your child love art? | You may reach out to the volunteers | Email directly to help out.

I  a m .    Y o u   a r e .    W E  A R E  M C N.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and work together for a common goal like a great event for our kids or a committee to bring unique educational opportunities to the students.

There are often areas where we need volunteers immediately or additional volunteers to help round out a committee or event coming up soon.

We hope you will look over what is needed, and find a way to help.

Most are short term, and once you do this you’re done, we don’t hound you for more just because you offered to help once. 🙂

Event descriptions

Thank you, and your help is appreciated and valued! Your kids thank you too!

If you’re interested, we will help you find just the right place to volunteer that works with your schedule and talents.

Come join us here, or scan the code below:

You may also contact: Volunteering@matesmcn.net.

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