Current Opportunities

I  a m .    Y o u   a r e .    W E  A R E  M C N.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and work together for a common goal like a great event for our kids or a committee to bring unique educational opportunities to the students.

  • We will be updating our current HELP WANTED opportunities on this page.
  • There are often areas where we need volunteers immediately or additional volunteers to help round out a committee or event coming up soon.
  • We hope you will look over what is needed and find a way to help.
  • Most are short term and once you do this you’re done, we don’t hound you for more just because you offered to help once.
  • Event descriptions GO

Abilities Awareness Assembly: Sign Up Genius Link
Book FairSign Up Genius Link
Immediate Needs – Easy sign up at the bottom of page
  1. Direct Donation Helper (Chairperson already in place)
    • Help printing and mailing of the thank you letters.
    • Coordinate and distribute Spirit Sticks.
    • Help create weekly reports for classroom incentives.
    • Work from home, some copying at school.
    • Pick one option or all.
  2. Holiday Photo Day
    • Looking for someone to communicate the sign ups and schedule with the photographers and make sure they have what they need.
    • A couple hours and some followup communications over the 3 scheduled dates.  Work from home.
  3. MATES Fun Run Co-Leaders (1 – 2)
    • Coordinate with Apex
    • Manage communications with the community
    • Coordinate volunteers for day of event including water and lap markers
    • Event is Nov. 9th, working with fundraising coordinator and Apex from now until December.  Mostly work from home and some meetings at school.
    • Work as cashier
    • Door monitor
    • Set up before the book fair opens.
    • Customer service helps kids find books and manage their purchases.
  5. Abilities Awareness Assembly ** PLEASE USE DIRECT LINK TO SIGN UP: HERE
    • Many volunteers needed over a 3 day, hands on exercise for the students to experience disabilities in a real way.
  6. Auction Collection Team
    • Join a team soliciting auction item donations from local and national businesses for our Benefit Dinner & Auction in March.
    • Some are online/via phone/email only
    • Some are in person only
    • If you can only commit to picking up items that is also great
    • Commitment can be as little or as much as you would like and spans October – February timeframe
Longer Term Needs
  1. Healthy Kids Committee Chairperson or Co-Chair
    • Work with a group of parent/grandparent volunteers to come up with inspirational ways to incorporate healthy eating, active lifestyles and healthy life habits into the students everyday lives.
    • Requires work from home and also meetings on campus.
  2. Kindness Counts Committee
    • Ongoing committee that will come up with exciting and new ways to incorporate kindness in the children’s everyday lives at MATES.
    • Lunchtime learning, Random Acts of Kindness, work with student leadership are some ways to reach the students.
    • New committee – Make it your own vision.  The sky is the limit!!
    • Print and copy Wednesday folder flyers on Tuesday.
    • On campus, any week you are available, any time of the day.
    • You can sign up to be called with a specific need or set a date yourself. Very flexible.  But very much needed!
    • If you are already making copies for a teacher on Tuesdays, consider adding a flyer or 2 to your time in the copy room.
    • All events we have on campus require we clean the facility before we leave that evening.
    • We wanted to bring your attention to this option as it is only for about 30 min. post event.
    • It is somewhat labor intensive as we haul the trash from the cans to the dumpster, and sweep floors and move tables back inside.
    • If you would like to add your name (or spouses) to this list we can email you prior to an event where this is needed and you can accept or decline if you will not be attending.
    • With more hands on deck the easier it is and quicker we all get to go home.
Thank you and your help is appreciated and valued!  Your kids thank you too!
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