Event and Committee Chairs

Fundraising Events

Direct Donation (August 21 – September 16)
This is your way to give money that directly benefits the events and programs that make MATES great! Your donation is tax deductible, and 100% of the proceeds stay at MATES. Direct donations qualify for most corporate matching programs (contact your employer). For questions: directdonation@matesmcn.net
MATES Photo Days Fundraiser (October 15 & 23)
Great opportunity to get your professional photos made for holiday cards by photographers in our community; Click HERE to learn more.
Book Fair (October 17 – 21 & May 22 – 26)
Event Chair: Sarah Schwendimann | Email directly
MATES offers a Scholastic Book Fair in the fall and spring. This is how we raise funds for our library! Please sign up here to volunteer!
Fun Run (November 3 | Kick off starts October 24)
Ready, set, go! Apex is coming to campus again this year to get the kids excited and meet with the Apex leaders for team building and core values lessons. It’s a 2-week program, then at the end, the kids enjoy the run! Through pledges, a portion of the money goes back to MATES!
Attend the MATES Benefit Dinner & Auction, and bid on your favorite items which may include gift cards, tickets to local shows, art work, and more! There is a silent auction and a live auction – a fun way to raise money and have a stellar night out!
Restaurant Nights (Recurring)
Each month, a restaurant sponsors our school, and when you purchase lunch or dinner, a portion of your bill is donated to MATES.
Marketplace (Recurring)
Visit the MATES Marketplace, and purchase gently used MATES school clothes at a discount.


Boohoo & Yahoo Welcome Coffee (August 22 | First Day of School)
Welcoming parents and connecting through coffee, light refreshments, and great conversation
Welcome Social (September 12)
Social to kick off the school year by connecting parents and bringing our MATES community together
Family Movie Night (October 21)
Event Chair: Rose Lockwood
Family Dance (December 2)
Another family favorite! There’s a LIVE DJ! Dance your heart away. It’s a joyful evening with your kids and your MATES community.
Talent Show (January 12 & 13)
MATES GOT TALENT, and it’s showtime! We can’t wait to tune in this program featuring our incredible students!
Winter Art Gallery (January 26)
STEAM Night (February 23)
Event Chair: Erin Tracey
A remarkably fun event that features both students and the community in exploring science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics
Women in History (March 30)
Event Chair: Lisa Hillman
5th graders work in teams, do research, and make presentations to the rest of the school with posters and skits – each sharing about a different woman in history
Earth Day Community Event (April 22)
MATES coming together to celebrate Earth Day through community action – looking for volunteers to help support the planning and day of event
Staff Appreciation Week (May 1 – 5)
Event Chair: Amanda Le Louie
This is when we shower our MATES TEAM with LOVE!!! All these magical experiences are made possible through the continued dedication and support of all our MATES families.

Recurring Programs

Monthly Cultural Highlight Board
Event Chair – Bing Xu Liu
Celebrating individuals of diverse backgrounds who have positively impacted the world for our MATES students and community
Art@Lunch (Starts September 20 | Tuesdays)
Event Chair: LeeAnne Mackey
Every Tuesday during lunch, students join in the MPR or on the blacktop to make whimsical fun art – looking for volunteers to help support the planning and day of event
Run Club (Starts October 4 | Tuesdays)
Event Chairs: Aimee Limon, Nancy Melgar, & Amy Pyne
Run Club meets every Tuesday morning at 7:45 until 8:05 in time to get back to class. All ages are welcome, and you can sign up when you show up. There is also a Run Club Permission Slip or Google Form to fill out.
We have state of the art chip timers on our running track on the lower field. It’s a great way to start the day! Looking for volunteers to help support the planning and weekly event!
Parent Empowerment Events (Starts November 15)
We have speakers who motivate us to be stronger and more confident for our children in facing today’s world that is brimming with fear and uncertainty.
We also learn how to manage misbehavior without yelling, repeating, or shaming our children.
In addition, we learn strategies to keep up with a young generation of digital natives through education about internet safety, security, and ethics.

Volunteering Committee

Pairs a current MATES family with a newly enrolled family to help them acclimate to our wonderful school
Park Playdates (July 31 & August 14)
Email matesmentors@matesmcn.net
A great way to support your child’s class for those who enjoy showering their teachers with love; also a wonderful option for working parents!

Nominating Committee

(Starts now through February | Intermittent)
Chair: Tamara Summers | Email directly
This is a temporary committee charged with the responsibility of finding qualified candidates to fill the open positions on the 2023/24 MCN Executive Board. Anyone in our General Membership can serve. We need YOU!

Yearbook Committee

Chairs: Candice Santos & Caitlin Shrum | Email directly
This committee is dedicated in capturing a year of your child’s formative years into a book. Help create the memories, and preserve those precious moments. Upload photos on Treering.

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