MATES Run Club

Run Club cancelled 3/14 & 3/21 due to rain / muddy track!

Join us every Tuesday morning (7:45 – 8:05 am)!

We have an amazing team of parent volunteers (Thank you, Nancy Melgar, Amy Pyne, & Aimee Limon!) leading a big group of kids who are ready to get their blood pumping.
Come whenever you can. Have fun, and run, jog, or walk! It’s always fun to be with friends!
Download: Run Club Permission Slip
Or fill out the Google Form below:

Spend a week with the Run Club Eagle!

Everyone that comes to Run Club will be entered to a drawing.
Two names (1 upper grade & 1 lower grade) are picked when Run Club is done.
The winning children get to keep their Run Club Eagle on their school desk until the following Monday when we pick up the eagles at the end of the school day.
The new winners are chosen at the end of Run Club on Tuesday!

This Week’s Eagles 🦅🦅

Congratulations, Aliza Marcus (Kinder – Roll) and Max Chambers (5th Grade – Tuchman)! 🦅
Congratulations, Riley Pyne (Mrs. Roll’s Kinder Class) and Duruv Rajkumar (Mrs. Turner’s 3rd Grade Class)!
Enjoy your week with the Run Club Eagle 🦅

Happy Valentine’s Day from Run Club! 💕

Congratulations to Cora (Ms. Glass 1st grade) & Colby Cross (Mrs. Shaffer’s 3rd grade) for taking the Run Club Eagle for the week! ❤️

Get Your Valentine Surprise from Run Club!

Congratulations to our winners of the week!

Avery Cross (5th grade – Mrs. Sparks)
Christian Limon (2nd grade – Mrs. Linklater)
They get to spend a week with the Run Club Eagle to display in their class! 🏃🏻🏃‍♀️🦅

Run Club is back!

See you next week for an opportunity to spend a week with the Run Club Eagle! 🦅🏃‍♀️🏃🏻

Thank you to everyone that came out! It was so much fun.
This week’s EAGLE winners are:
Vivian Fox (Sally Tiven Tuchman‘s 5th Grade Class)
Katherine Roll (Sarah Meager‘s Kinder Class)

Run Club cancelled 1/17/23 due to muddy track!

Thank you, Leone’s, for the wonderful icy treat!

Don’t forget to fill out, and bring the following permission slip to Run Club.
Download: Run Club Permission Slip
Or fill out the Google Form.


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