Room Parents

Thank you for all the love you give!

Those fancy classroom doors that get you in the spirit of the season.. we have our wonderful Room Parents to thank! Every event turns into a class party! And fancy they are!
Room Parents shower our teachers and children with all the love. We appreciate them so much! We also appreciate all the parents who help out in the classroom. All the special activities for the children are possible because you chose to volunteer!
Help your child’s class by supporting your Room Parents’ planned activities, teacher’s wish list, and by donating grade level supplies. We thank you all for your time and generosity.
For any questions, contact Volunteer Coordinators, Melanie Herrera or Veronica Shuler:
Room 1: Julianne Roll – Shinal Patel Saul
Room 2: Sarah Meager – Julie Novak & Amanda Gilbert
Room 3: Courtney Gavin – Elizabeth Sowell & Lori Allen
Room 4: Emily Glass – Amanda Gilbert & Courtney Grosslight
Room 5: Sophia Pertusati – Veronica Shuler & Caitlin Shrum
Room 6: Julie Stevens – Stacey Foster & Laura Santana
Room 7: Sarah Ceralde – Heather Lowe & Dylan Waters
Room 8: Emily Mackenzie – Ashley Ramstead, Jeff Harris, & Jenn Lindstrom
Room 15: Alison Linklater – Julie Novak & Sarah Reznick
Room 9: Suzanne Shaffer & Kim Shen – Jessica Rotter & Lisa Welch
Room 10: Gurminder Turner – Arielle Moss & Jackie Avedissian
Room 16: Kristi Klingerman – Cara Strang & Jen Howard
Room 14: Kristen Fiss – Rose Lockwood & Alison Rivera
Room 13: Denise Bain – Heather Donley & Andrea Iranpour
Room 12: Sally Tuchman – Amanda Le Louie & Alexandra Nygren
Room 11: Rebecca Sparks – Nadia Hefni Foster & Candice Santos
Laura Kiszczak / Paige Coryell – Lana Bachman

For inquiries, contact Melanie Herrera & Veronica Shuler | Email directly

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