Bette Alkazian

April 27, 2023 (THU) – Save the Date!

Bette Alkazian | Balanced Parenting


Bette Alkazian’s Covid, Anxiety, & Beyond: What to Expect Going Forward

A MATES Parent Empowerment Night

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Bette Alkazian | Balanced Parenting

Bette motivates us to be stronger and more confident for our children in facing today’s world that is brimming with fear and uncertainty.
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Bette is back to help us ensure that our kids become great adults!

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Bette Alkazian | Balanced Parenting

As parents, it is not our job to make our kids happy, but rather, our job is to give them the coping skills to make themselves happy.
Regain your authority from defiant children who have too many choices
Raise amazing, respectful, and self-reliant kids

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