Spring Box Tops Contest

One more Box Tops contest to go!  Let’s get those Box Tops and Labels For Education in before the year is over! The class that gathers the most Box Tops by the deadline of Friday, May 30th will earn a reward party of their choice (cupcakes, pizza, ice cream, cookies, donuts, etc.).

BoxTops********  PLEASE NOTE ********

Check the expiration dates!  We cannot count any Box Tops that have reached their expiration date, or ones that have the expiration date missing!

Also, the Box Tops website has several contests that can earn as many as 500,000 bonus box tops for our school (that is a value of $50,000!!!!) So, please visit their website, register with them and enter every day.  Some lucky winner is going to get those credits, and it might as well be us!  Thank you for your support!

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