Art@Lunch and Dinner

This week there are 2 opportunities to be a part of Art@Lunch!

Blow Paint Art Idea Sheet2First is tomorrow…we’re bringing back a kid fave, CLAY (the kids will be ecstatic)
We’ll bring out additional tools to shape the clay, along with toothpicks and bits to decorate their masterpieces.
We’ll start prepping at 11…please let us know if you can be a part!


ALSO, this week is our first ever MATES Art Night on Thursday!!!   Needless to say…this is a very. cool. thing.

Five classrooms will feature art… and we’ll have a chance to show parents what their kids get to do on Tuesdays, but renamed… (wait for it) ART@NIGHT!

4:30  Art@Night prep
5:00  Sharky’s available
5:30-7:30  Classrooms and MPR open for art
We’ll do an easy project that families can all enjoy together: Blow Painting
We’ll begin prepping at 4:30…and then we’ll do shifts, that way everyone gets some Art@Night time and some family time as well (win win)
Please let us know if you can join in for an hour or so that night:
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