Jogathon Wrap-up

jogathon shoesThank you to the Jogathon Co-Chairs Elena Boland and Candice Junge, and Dawn LaGuardia for working tirelessly to make this one of the most profitable fundraisers in MCN history!


The Apex Fun Run staff truly inspired the students and teachers with their enthusiasm and leadership lessons. We decided to partner with Apex for 2 reasons:

1- TIME– Apex invests approximately 300 hours of time in each of their Jogathon events. We wanted to ease the pressure of this large time commitment on our parents.
2- MONEY– Apex clients average 50% more profit than schools that conduct the events themselves. After calling and speaking with some of their clients (other elementary schools), and hearing their positive reviews, the MCN decided to try it.

As of today (Dec. 16), the MCN has earned $31,173 (after expenses)

Apex Provided the following prizes and materials to students and staff:

Snapband 333 Poster 62
Foam Rocket 325 RC Car 37
Yoyo 121 Air Suit 18
Frisbee 151 Green Machine 2
Dodgeball 87 Xbox Cubes 25
Bag 62 T-shirts 448
Glasses 62 $10 Donation to Children’s Hospital 62
Socks 62

Class Party’s
Pizza Party’s  3-4 Pizza Parties
Popsicle Party’s 4-6 Popsicle Parties

Apex received 48% of the Jogathon money that was raised by pledges. Apex covers their t-shirts, all the student awards, the class awards, their Team’s salaries, supplemental event insurance, marketing costs, equipment costs, travel and team expenses, training costs of the team, student pledge website costs, etc. Of that 48%, Apex indicated that they usually spend 30-35% on the above, with the remainder as profit.

Jogathon Budget Breakdown  
Sponsors (MCN only) $7,450.00
Total Pledges Raised $52,565
Total Paid to Apex ($25,275)
Total Paid to MCN $27,290
Total MCN Expenses ($3,567)
Total MCN Profit* $31,173

*Dollar Amount may vary based on additional pledges paid over Holiday Break. After the holiday break, we will update the final Jogathon financials.  We will also include the classrooms that won prizes.

Thank you to the Jogathon Sponsors who donated a total of $7,450:

Brian & Kerri Graver of Keller Williams, United Studios of Self Defense, The Vincze Family, Oak Park Dentistry for Children, Aid Alert Security, Exotic Thai, Adjuvo Technology, All Star Garage Door, Elegant Gardens Nursery, The Healthy Place, JRP Design & Remodel, Simi Pharmacy, Whirly Girl Music, PopInk Design Studio, Boys & Girls Club, Baskin Robbins, Noah Lowder – Aviara Realty, Reset Your Mindset, Sylvan Learning Center, Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios, Jo-Son Learning, Joanne MacDonald- Coldwell Banker, Harley’s Simi Bowl, and Ralphs.


You can also view the MCN’s 2014-2015 budget on our website: MCN 2014-2015 Budget

Thank you for supporting MCN and MATES!

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