Science Night

Join us for MATES Science Night and Science Fair!

April 15, 2015, 6:00-8:00 pm

Science Fair projects will be on display in the MPR. Students will also be able to explore the following themed classrooms:

All About Soil – All About Soil -You will see examples of worm composting, and aquaponics (a way to grow fish and vegetables together in a way in which both benefit), and If nature cooperates, we will give out a tree sapling to the first kids who arrive.

Animal Adaptations – Animal Adaptations –Try picking up food that birds eat using different tools to simulate bird’s beaks, find camouflaged animals, how a bear’s skin insulates them from the cold, and more…

Human Body – You will have the opportunity to hear your heart beat Human Body using a stethoscope and will see how blood moves through the body. You can also test your eyes and use your muscles while learning.


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