MCN Open House Night

MATES Open House Night
Thursday, May 28th
at 5:30 PM in the MATES MPR

The annual MATES Open House starts at 5:30 with Band Performances. At 6:05 there will be a MCN General Membership Meeting and Executive Board Election. The fourth grade will be square dancing at 6:15. Classrooms open at 6:30.

All MATES parents and staff are welcome to vote in the new board.

2015-2016 MCN Executive Board Slate

Co-Presidents: Divo Denove and Brenda Miller

Fundraising Co-Chairs: Rachelle Llacar and Candice Junge

Programs Co-Chairs: Jenifer Ludwick and Tracy Kitzman

Treasurer: Ruth Shramek

Financial Secretary: Ashley Carson

Communications Chair: Karen Gauthier

Room Rep: Nadia Hefni Foster

Co-Secretaries: Bridget Bateman and Dawn LaGuardia

Auditor: Suzy McGillivray

Parliamentarian: (appointed by MCN President, candidates Melanie Justice & Christine Evangelista)

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