MATES Uniform Tips

IMG_1311The official MATES uniform is available through Dennis Uniforms.  The MATES uniform and dress code policy is posted on the MATES Website. The below are general FAQ’s for new families that are unfamiliar with the uniform process.

The  official uniform is a blue MATES polo top and black pants or skorts.  This uniform is required for most field trips or as requested by the school.

On regular school days, most students prefer wearing a MATES T-shirt. They come in white, black, and blue.
TIP: Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to keep a white T-shirt looking clean, consider getting an Art@Lunch shirt. These can be worn on Tuesdays. Students can also wear Spirit Wear on Fridays including Jogathon T-shirts. These will be available for sale at the Back to School Bash and on Tuesdays in the MATES Marketplace.

Students can wear black or khaki bottoms including pants, walk shorts, skorts, and MATES basketball shorts.
TIP: Dennis Uniforms sells the official MATES uniform bottoms, but many retailers also sell Flat Front Uniform pants including Target, JC Penney’s, Old Navy, Walmart, and Children’s Place. Walk Shorts and Skorts are also available. Just make sure you shop in the Uniform section.

Tip: Students can wear items that are listed as “GYM WEAR” on the Dennis Uniform page on regular school days.

You can purchase a sweater or jacket with the MATES logo through Dennis. Or you can get a plain black sweater or hoodie through any retailer. (Walmart and Land’s End have a large selection) Winter coats can have any age appropriate color and design.

Trying to shop online and guess sizes can be overwhelming.
TIP: Dennis Uniforms has an outlet in Woodland Hills. You can try on clothes there at your convenience. Special order sizes are available.
TIP: Clothing is also available for purchase at the BACK to SCHOOL BASH.

MATES Uniform tops must be purchased through Dennis with the MATES logo on them. The bottoms, can be purchased at a variety of stores. TIP: Most have Uniform sales in July. Dennis also usually has sales in the winter and spring, so sign up for their mailing list for special sales.
TIP: The MATES Marketplace is open on Tuesdays before ad after school and sells new Spirit wear shirts and gently used uniform tops and bottoms. Proceeds benefit the MCN.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to ask the school or email us for any questions!


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