MATES Halloween Activities | October 31 (Mon) 8:30 am | Running Track

What do the kids wear?

Face makeup and non-vision obstructing masks
Positive themes are encouraged
Modest costumes
NO swords, pitchforks, nor any type of look-alike weapons
NO skateboards, rollerblades, nor rollerskates
NO violent, horror, disfigured, nor morbid themes
NO vulgarity nor inappropriate emoticons
Starts at 8:30 am
Students may arrive in costume
Parents and siblings are welcome to watch from the running track viewing area
Parents and siblings may enter through the field gates (DO NOT ENTER through the office)
Parents may come in costume
Students must wear free dress clothes under their costumes
For classes having parties after the parade, parents who are participating must return to the office to check in
Siblings MAY NOT ATTEND classroom activities / parties
Remember, it’s FREE DRESS DAY!

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