Jogathon Facts

A few parents have asked questions about Jogathon, so the MCN wanted to post more information about our partnership with Apex Fun Run.

The MCN is always for looking for ways to improve. This year, we decided to use Apex Fun Run to help us manage Jogathon for 2 reasons:

1- TIME– It takes over 300 hours of volunteer time to put together a successful Jogathon event. We wanted to ease the pressure of this large commitment on our parents.
2- MONEY– Apex clients average 50% more profit than schools that conduct the events themselves. After calling and speaking with some of their clients (other elementary schools), and hearing their positive reviews, the MCN decided to try it.

As of today (Nov. 10), the MCN has earned an estimated $15,000 in pledges!
Generous sponsors also donated an additional: $7,100

(The above amounts are after fees. Final pledge amounts will be published after the event and are dependent on how many laps each student runs.)

-Apex is on campus for 2 full weeks before Jogathon and then they help manage the collections process for 4 weeks after the Race day.
-Apex provides: T-shirts, all the individual awards, all the class awards, their team and training costs, event insurance, online and Web fees, marketing costs, admin fees, equipment and set-up costs. They also help collect and manage pledges after the event. APEX invests approximately $10,000-$15,000 in the 2 week program.
-Apex increases pledges by increasing energy and excitement on campus, with valuable Character and Leadership lessons in the classroom. This allows MATES students to feel like they are involved and part of a team. All Apex employees that interact with students have completed background checks and training by Apex.
-Apex takes 0% of our Jogathon sponsorships.
-This is the only fundraiser the kids get to be truly involved in.  And they will see these results when their teacher gets 10% of what the class brings in to use for their classroom.
-The Apex team will set up everything on the day of the run.  They will bring their own sound system, all the materials needed, as well as provide water stations for everyone.
-Apex provides all the materials for the kids to go out and get pledges.  They also provide each student their own webpage and instant access to see how much their class has collected in pledges.
-Raising pledges is optional. Because the whole class wins prizes (crazy sock day, crazy hair day, extra recess time) none of the kids will feel left out. It is NOT mandatory for the students to be involved.  They will still get to participate in the Jogathon regardless of if they raise funds. We want all the students to feel like they took part in something fun and exciting – and that they made a difference.
Apex doesn’t publish their contracts with schools online. However, the MCN is a non-profit, and we provide full disclosure to our community. If you would like more details on Apex, please email: or speak with any member of the MCN Board. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.
You can also view the MCN’s 2014-2015 budget on our website: MCN 2014-2015 Budget

Thank you for supporting MCN and MATES!

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